Learning from Play

Most of the curriculum will be based on themes that have been gleaned from the children’s play. Some curriculum will be spontaneous as it emerges from play and a teacher guides an activity at the moment of discovery.  Other curriculum will be developed from trends we have seen in group play and will be more formally planned in a collaborative effort with children, parents and teachers.

As topics emerge from play, teachers provide resources (literature, art experiences, science explorations, field trips or long term projects) to further the exploration. We also take note of and are inspired by teachable moments throughout the day.

When no clear themes are emerging in the children’s play, teachers will provide invitations for activities based on concepts we believe children deserve to be exposed to. These include seasonal topics and Jewish Holidays, as well as developmentally relevant activities that have the potential to inspire further thought such as Letter of the Week, All About Me, The World Around Us, etc.