Frequently Asked Questions

for prospective families:


How much is JUDAISM a part of the curriculum?

We observe and explore holidays in a relevant meaningful way throughout the school year. Our weekly observance of Shabbat on Fridays is a special time at our preschool. Mid-morning, the whole learning community of YBYCC experiences the joy of Shabbat together, where we sing and share a story with our teachers, the Rabbi and Cantorial Soloist of Temple Emanuel. Parents and families are always welcome to join our celebration. Modern reform Judaism is an inclusive welcoming institution.

Do we have to be jewish to attend YBYCC?

Not at all. All students are welcome at YBYCC and many of our current families do not identify as Jewish. Most choose us because they want a values-based education, which is built into everything at we do at our school.

At YBYCC, we embrace cultural diversity in many ways and never dismiss children sharing stories or ideas from home. That said, we do not as a school community participate in the celebration of Halloween, Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, or Easter.

WHAT is the cost to attend YBY?

Monthly fees for enrollment are based on number of days/week and length of day. There are a variety of options. 3/4/5 Days per week, 7:00 am-6:00 pm. Enrollment starts at $645/month* for 3 days/week 9:00 am-3:30 pm. All families are asked to pay a yearly registration fee per child. A variety of discounts are also applied as warranted (potty-training, sibling, etc.). Please contact us to receive an enrollment packet with a breakdown of fees.

are meals or snacks provided?

Parents provide the lunch meal for their children Monday-Thursday. On Fridays, tuition includes a Pizza Picnic Lunch. You may choose to opt out if your child doesn’t like pizza. A Gluten-Free Option is available should your child have an allergy. Families are asked to provide 1-2 pieces of whole, fresh fruit or vegetables each day for our snack time sharing. The remainder of our snacks, including crackers, vegetables and challah on Shabbat are included in your tuition.

are diapers and wipes provided?

YBYCC provides hypoallergenic, non-chlorine, quality diapers, pull-ups, and wipes.

is it true you help with potty-training?!

Teachers will work with families when the child is showing signs of readiness to learn to use the toilet. Before your child begins the process of toilet learning at school, speak to your child’s teachers to discuss readiness and the developmental milestones necessary for successful learning. Together, parents and staff will develop a mutual plan of action.


Our low teacher-child ratios are 1:4 for infants, 1:6 for toddlers, and 1:8 for the preschoolers.

Are you closed on Jewish holidays?

Yes. We are a year-round full-time program at YBYCC. To provide teachers and families time to schedule vacations and holiday celebrations, closure dates are judiciously selected. YBYCC closure dates align with Tempe and Kyrene school district holiday schedules whenever possible. During school closures there is no child care available. A calendar will be provided to families at the beginning of the school year with anticipated closures.

My child is advanced (verbally, physically, etc.) and I think they should be in an older classroom.

Teachers use reflective practice techniques regularly along with parent expertise to make plans for each child. We continually assess the children on an informal and formal basis, rethinking expectations in an ongoing way. We will find the best fit for your child and typically that involves keeping them with their same-age peer group. should a change be needed, we can address it as it arises.

Have additional questions? Please contact us today to schedule a tour or to speak to our staff.